Wilhelm Karl Schwalger

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Wilhelm Karl Schwalger

Wilhelm Karl Schwalger was born 28 August 1848 in Macklenberg, Schwerin, Wismar, East Germany. He came to Samoa and worked for the German Government plantation as an overseer. His parents were Hans Joachin and Sofia Maria. On the 4th of July 1894 he married a young Samoan taupou from the village of Patamea Savaii at Malie, Western Samoa. The young lady was the daughter of Alesana Lauano and Pau Collins of Malie. Her name was Silafaga. Silafaga's grandfather was William Collins. He was married to Talita and they had four daughters and one son, Joseph who was conferred the Su'a title in Fasito'o. One of Pau's (Silafaga's mother) married a Schuster. Wilhelm and Silafaga were living in the Schwalger's estate at Saleimoa. He is buried there.

Out of Wilhelm and Silafaga's relationship were born five children. Four boys and one girl (from oldest to youngest) Fritz, August, Otille Lutzie Bentzen, Hans and of course the youngest, Martin Paul.

Other Marriages

The marriage did not last. When Wilhelm and Silafaga separated, Silafaga took with her the two oldest sons, Fritz and August. They went and lived in Malie. It was there that Silafaga remarried a man of the Seiuli clan. Two boys resulted from that relationship: Tino (died as a young man) and So'omalo.

Silafaga died in Malie. As a matter of fact Fritz died before her, but 4 days later she passed away (18th March, 1938).

There are currently two versions of Wilhelm's second marriage and resulting children: As related to Robert Schwalger by his late aunt Otille, Wilhelm married Silafaga's niece Maata Collins. Wilhelm did not have any children from this relationship but Maata had two children (sons of a Pata) who were both adopted by Wilhelm. The two boys were Willie and Stanley.

The other version posted by Martha Schwalger-Smith on the website is that Wilhelm married Silafaga's cousin Harriet Martha Brown-Schwalger on 11 Feb 1917 in Apia, that record stands today. Out of this second union came 2 children namely : Wilhelm Schwalger B:1914 : Stanley Herman Schwalger who was born B:1920.

Sophia Schwalger Ben added the following ..........."In reference to the marriage of Grandfather Wilhelm Schwalger and my Grandmother, Martha (Maata) Collins Schwalger; there were two sons of that union: Bill and Stanley Schwalger. When Grandfather Wilhelm Schwalger died, my uncle Bill was very young and my Dad, Stanley Hermann Schwalger was three months old. Old man Parker (Pata) Churchward then lived with my Grandmother Martha (Maata) Collins Schwalger, but he was "barren". Therefore he was never a father to any children.

It is with Sadness that we include here the sudden passing of our cousin, Sophia Schwalger Ben on August 13th, 2004. God be with you, 'til we meet again, Sophia.


Photo: Wilhelm and Silafaga and their children . Martin had not been born, yet.     

(back -front, anti-clockwise): Fritz, August, Otille, Hans. (Photo courtesy of Lucia (Schwalger) Hellesoe)